Enotech is a global supplier in the production of dry ice. We have many years of experience in the production of machines and transport of this unusual product. At our headquarters in Dieburg, we produce around 10,000,000. tons of dry ice per year, we also have other production lines in the European Union. Our machines are distinguished by high production efficiency, critical points at the highest level and a very high level of quality for us. Our machines produce both cleaning agents and plasters, blocks that are used in transport and catering.

Dry ice consists of solid carbon dioxide and is produced by the releasing of CO2 from the liquid phase to atmospheric pressure. Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless, non-flammable and bacteriostatic gas. In addition to its volcanic origins, CO2 also occurs in the combustion of fossil fuels, during fermentation processes, especially of alcohol and beer, and as a waste gas during the chemical processing of petroleum. During its release CO2 snow is produced which is pressed by a hydraulic press into dry ice blocks or pellets (granules) with a density of approx. 1.5 kg / dm³. Our precise knowledge of the medium of dry ice and its application form the basis for our in-house hydraulic dry ice presses.

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