We can produce the dry ice blocks or slices in accordance with your size specifications (within certain ranges). This is why we can meet your special requirements and desired dimensions to provide you with the appropriate product. Because of the scalable thickness of the slices you can perfectly adjust the amount of cooling you need. It is important that the ice is as “fresh” as possible. This we can guaranty due to our large number of presses and our high production volume which ensures that you always get best quality ice.

Fields of application of blocks and slices: The most frequent usage of blocks and slices is in transport refrigeration applications. There the thickness of the slices or blocks has an impact on the storage life and the rate of sublimation. The bigger the blocks are the longer they last. Other areas in which dry ice is used for refrigeration purposes are, for instance, the medical technology field or the refrigeration of food in the catering industry. They are thus suitable for the cooling of meals and beverages on-site among other things. Dry ice is also frequently used for the emergency cooling of electrical systems.

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