We produce and deliver dry ice nuggets with a diameter of approx. 16 mm and lengths of between 20 mm and 60 mm. It is important that the ice is as “fresh” as possible. If stored for longer time the Nuggets stick together and mellow. we can guaranty a prompt production due to our large number of presses and our high production volume which ensures that you always get best quality ice. Fields of application of nuggets Dry ice nuggets are mainly used in the field of transport refrigeration – e.g. the refrigeration of foods or pharmaceutical products. Our customers for this product thus generally come from the fields of medicine, laboratory sector, the food industry, or also other industrial branches. The gastronomy often has huge challenges in cooling their products. Tortes and buffets have to be chilled for a longer period to guaranty the freshness of the products. Especially if the goods have to be transported for a long way from the kitchen to the customer. Furthermore, fog effects at food or beverages get more and more popular to create a “wow” effect. Moreover, dry ice nuggets are also used in the entertainment industry for smoke and secondary effects.

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