Dry ice pellets are the smallest form of our dry ice products. They are cylindrical with a diameter of approx. 3 mm and length of between 3 to 40 mm. It is important that the ice is as “fresh” as possible. If stored for longer time the Pellets stick together and mellow. A prompt production we are able to guaranty due to our large number of presses and our high production volume which ensures that you always get best quality ice.Fields of applications: The most common application for dry ice pellets is the cleaning of material surfaces. Using dry-ice blasters the pellets are “shot” against the surface of contaminated metal, stone, wood or plastic surfaces to remove dirt. During this process there are no leftovers beside the removed dirt. The pellets sublimate completely. More details to this technique you can find in the chapter Dry-Ice cleaning. Another widespread application is the cooling of food at the manufacturing on site or during the transport. Because of the huge contact surface pellets are very suitable for short term cooling of medical and pharmaceutical products. In addition, pellets can be used to cool down small machinery parts as they “flow” around the parts and cover the shape perfectly. With a blaster pellets also can be used to remove the flash from metal and plastic parts.

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