Enobox 440L

Product description

Our products are made by hand and always have high quality. Their task is to maintain the cold chain and protect your goods. Tests have shown that they are very resistant to extreme weather conditions.
We offer different types and sizes of containers, tailored to the specific requirements you have. We are able to fully adapt the containers in terms of size and form to meet all your requirements.
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Technical data

length width height
External dimensions 1200 mm 800 mm 1080 mm
Internal dimensions 980 mm 580 mm 710 mm
Weight: 85kg



The best-quality material and
high-quality details ensure
product durability

The highest quality finish

Double Isolation

Proprietary insulation supported by
double sealing with a
specialized silicone compound

Self-locking hinges

Available in two versions:
- galvanized
- Stainless

Easier transport

Mounting option
facilitating wheels
transport and

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